Home AC Diagnostics & HVAC Troubleshooting Services In Jacksonville

Nobody in Jacksonville provides the quality of AC diagnostics like our team of technicians here at Howard Services Air Conditioning.  Our technicians receive extensive factory training that allows them to pinpoint quickly any issues you may be having with your home’s air conditioning, whether it’s a noticeable problem with your window-mounted unit or an internal malfunction in your central cooling system. In addition to making accurate AC and cooling system assessments, we also provide you with the right solutions for how to repair and resolve HVAC performance for the long haul.

We will always keep you informed and do our best to offer insightful, knowledgeable recommendations during each and every service visit. We explain precisely what our AC diagnosis results indicate, and we’ll only proceed with what we’ve determined to be the most essential of repairs. All services we suggest as a result of your AC diagnostic results are optional, and they are completed only after receiving your consent, so you never need to worry about hidden fees or unexpected charges on your final service invoice. Contact us today for a no-obligation, no-pressure, free quote, and we’ll look forward to showing you why we’re the best Jacksonville has to offer for all of your air conditioning and cooling needs.

Affordable, Reliable, & Transparent — Why Our AC Troubleshooting Specialists Are Truly Superior

When affordability, reliability, and transparency are important qualities to you, we can promise with confidence that you’ll receive all of these and more by choosing Howard Services to find the solution for your air conditioning diagnostic and troubleshooting needs.  We know that a certain degree of quality matters to you, so to establish trust with all of our clients, we stress the importance of our high-quality workmanship and credentials of our Jacksonville team of HVAC technicians.

Our superior services are provided exclusively by contractors who are factory-trained, insured, and certified in all elements of specialized AC diagnostics and cooling system repairs. Most importantly, we’re always eager to help you resolve your HVAC issues with a consistently considerate and respectful manner of work. We pride ourselves on our customer’s satisfaction as much as we strive to uphold our technical expertise, so when you trust our techs for HVAC solutions, you can rest assured and feel guaranteed that we’ll be transparent about our reasons for any recommended repairs or suggested services.

Providing Accurate AC Diagnostics in Jacksonville For 50+ Years 

When your home’s heating or cooling system is not working properly, you need to call air conditioning professionals you can trust — Howard Services Air Conditioning. With more than 50 years of experience diagnosing heating and air condition systems, we provide HVAC diagnostics that are accurate and helpful the first time, getting you back to being comfortable in no time.

Often, a consumer will look for the least expensive option or company to diagnose their homes heating or cooling issue. But sadly, these homeowners end up spending more on diagnoses and repair in the long run because of the cheaper company’s lack of training or knowledge. At Howard Services Air Conditioning, we diagnose the problem, present you with a solution, and perform the needed repair with your approval. Call us today and breathe easy knowing we’ll save you money by handling your HVAC problem right the first time.