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Nest Learning Thermostat & Temperature Sensor

Just turn it up and down. The Nest Learning Thermostat learns the temperatures you like and creates a custom schedule for your home. The Nest Thermostat automatically turns itself down after you leave so you’re not heating or cooling an empty home. You can control it from anywhere using your phone, tablet, or laptop. Best of all, Energy History tracker lets you see how much energy you use and why, helping you to understand your usage better. In independent studies, Nest thermostats saved an average of 10 percent to 12 percent on heating bills and 15 percent on cooling bills. That means it can pay for itself in under two years time. *
*Individual savings are not guaranteed.


Nest Thermostat E

It’s easy to save energy with the Nest Thermostat E. Its new design and frosted display blend into the background, making for a more inconspicuous thermostat. With the Nest app on your phone, tablet, or laptop, you can change the temperature from anywhere — the office, the beach, even your bed. And with proven energy-saving features from Nest, it can pay for itself in under two years. Independent studies showed that Nest saved an average of 10 percent to 12 percent on heating costs and 15 percent on the average cooling bill. Based on typical energy costs, that’s an estimated average savings of $131 to $145 a year.*

Nest Temperature Sensor

Most homes aren’t the same temperature in every room. Maybe the baby’s room is shaded by a large tree gets too cold, or maybe the living room is always exposed to the sun and has a large window, so it’s too warm. With the Nest Temperature Sensor, you can let your Nest thermostat know which room should be the most comfortable. It’s wireless and battery powered — just hang it on a wall or set it on a shelf. Put temperature sensors in the rooms that matter most to you and your family when it comes to comfort. Then you can keep the living room cool all day and warm up the baby’s room at night. Nest makes sure you get the right temperature, right where you want it.*


Nest Aware

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Nest X Yale Lock

Nest Protect

Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Cam Indoor

Nest Aware

Nest Aware continuously records everything that’s happening, 24 hours a day — not just clips. This innovative device allows you to scan through up to 30 days of video history to see what you might have missed. Nest Aware also sends more intelligent alerts.* You’ll get an alert when Nest Cam spots a person. You’ll get alerts when someone’s talking or a dog’s barking.** You’ll also get an alert when Nest Cam IQ or Nest Hello detects a family member or unfamiliar face. Create activity zones around important areas and get alerts when something happens there. Or if your camera detects a door, it can automatically create an activity zone for you.

*Video streaming, recording and mobile notifications require a working Wi-Fi connection.
**Intelligent audio alerts are not available on Nest Hello.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Nest Hello lets you know who’s there, so you never miss a visitor or a package. It can tell the difference between a person and a thing, then alert you — even if someone doesn’t ring the bell. With a Nest Aware subscription, your Nest Hello can also tell you if it’s a person you know, or a stranger.* The camera captures a bigger picture, so you can see a package on the ground, or a person head to toe, in crystal clear detail. You’ll also hear everything loudly and clearly thanks to HD Talk and Listen. And because Nest Hello is wired, it streams 24/7, so you can check in anytime.
*Some features, including mobile notifications, remote control, video streaming and video recording, require working internet and Wi-Fi


Nest X Yale Lock

Meet the secure, tamper-proof lock from Nest and Yale. It’s keyless, so you can lock and unlock the door from anywhere with the Nest app.* Give people you trust a unique passcode and get alerts when they come and go. Lock the door with a tap. If you forget, you’ll get a reminder. Best of all, the Nest x Yale Lock works with the Nest Secure alarm system for maximum protection. When you unlock the door, you disarm the alarm.
*Some features, including mobile alerts, remote control and custom schedules, require the Nest app, working internet and Wi-Fi, and Nest Connect or Nest Guard.


Nest Protect

Know more, worry less. Nest Protect looks for fast-burning fires, slow, smoldering fires, and invisible carbon monoxide. It speaks up to tell you what the problem is and where it is. It can also give you a friendly Heads-Up before it has to sound the alarm and you can hush it with your phone. In case you’re not home, Nest Protect alerts your phone when the alarm goes off or the batteries run low. It also gives you peace of mind by testing itself over 400 times a day and showing you everything’s working with a quick green glow when you turn off the lights. With a 10 year lifetime, your family will be safe for years to come.


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