Living in Florida means that you can’t afford to have a broken air conditioner. The hot weather can be unbearable and even dangerous if your unit isn’t working as efficiently as it should be. If you’ve been noticing higher-than-normal energy bills, that’s a sign that you may need an air conditioning repair soon. At Howard Services Air Conditioning, we offer expert air conditioning repair in Fleming Island, so that your home is always a comfortable haven — even on the hottest days. Save money on your energy bills and keep cool with expert air conditioning repair and services for any problem.


We specialize in AC replacement and AC conditioning repair for homes in around the Fleming Island area. If you have always had very high energy bills or you struggle with AC repairs every single year, we can suggest an upgraded unit that will lower your bills and make your summer far more enjoyable. We also offer fast, courteous service at a reasonable price for all air conditioning repairs you might need. We’ll diagnose and fix the problem quickly, so you don’t have to melt in the hot summer weather — all at a reasonable price that doesn’t break the bank.


The team at Howard Services Air Conditioning is highly trained in all areas of AC installation and AC service. One issue that may homeowners in Fleming Island run into is air conditioning repair that takes longer than anticipated due to a wait on parts. We keep our trucks stocked with all the common parts, so there is no wait for quality repair.


Before the hottest part of summer hits is the best time to have your air conditioner serviced, replaced, or repaired. Save money and stay comfortable all year long. Contact us at Howard Services Air Conditioning for residential air conditioning repair in Fleming Island at 904-398-1414 or contact us online.