At Howard Services Air Conditioning, we have determined that there are two types of people — those who love to do it themselves, and everyone else. Now, before you determine that we are anti-DIY, hear us out.


Do-it-yourself projects can be the right choice in lots of different situations. They remove the middleman, save your monetary costs on labor, and can help you combine the pride of saving a dollar with the pride of having tried something new and done it well. There is a time and place for DIY projects, and that time and that place vary depending on who is doing the work and what kind of work they are doing. After all, in the same way that we all have a sibling or parent who always seems to be able to fix everything, we also all have an uncle or cousin who will never live down “the event” that took place when they tried to replace their own shower drain, right?


While we encourage self-sufficiency and a can-do attitude, there is one place where our technicians and project managers consistently have seen a do-it-yourself project go flying off of the rails — HVAC work.


Today’s blog post is all about the many reasons that hiring a professional HVAC company to handle your heating, cooling, or other ventilation projects is a good idea. To learn more about the professional HVAC services offered by Howard Services Air Conditioning, visit us online at, or submit a form online to schedule an appointment for your heating or cooling system.

Reason #1: It Can Save You Money

One of the biggest selling points of a DIY project is the cash that you save when you use your own labor, sweat, and time. There is nothing that feels quite as good as keeping a dollar in your pocket. However, starting a DIY project doesn’t by any means guarantee that you are going to save money. As a matter of fact, as soon as you begin running into situations you were either unprepared for, didn’t have the right tool for, don’t have the skills for, or need a second set of hands for, the costs of your project can begin inflating dramatically. 


Worst of all, if you come to a point where you realize that you can’t finish the job or do it correctly by yourself, you will be forced to turn to a professional who is going to start the job from the beginning to make sure it is done right. At this point, you have spent the money on your own tools and supplies while also spending the money it would have taken for a professional HVAC technician to have done the job from the start.


When you work with a local, licensed company like Howard Services Air Conditioning, you will know exactly what the job is going to cost up-front.

Reason #2: It Can Keep You Safe

HVAC systems are by far and away not the most simple systems in the world. They can involve gas lines, electrical work, a complex map of ducting, and some plumbing applications. All of this means that special training and experience are needed to ensure that the job is being done safely. After all, there’s a reason why you go to training to be an electrician, plumber, contractor, or you guessed it — HVAC technician.


And it isn’t just you that we’re concerned about. Causing a gas leak or electrical error while working on your HVAC system can also present deadly consequences to your home or family. 

Reason #3: You May Not Have The Skills

As we mentioned in the paragraph above, HVAC work is complicated and requires a diverse skill set. Maybe you have some experience working with electrical fittings and wiring. That’s great. How is your knowledge of natural gas systems and safety regulations? We think it’s great that you have done a little ductwork before with your friend, John — he sounds like a great guy and a really knowledgeable source. But, how much experience do you have with connecting or disconnecting drainage lines for the condensation from your heater or AC?


The reality is that HVAC technicians go through an incredible amount of training. It’s also why it’s not uncommon that you end up with more than one technician on your HVAC job. They are there to check each other and provide the physical and intellectual support for each other that is required to make sure the job is done well, and safely, the first time around.

Reason #4: It Will Save You Time

As where the previous reasons to choose a professional HVAC company over a do-it-yourself approach are based on the majority of the situation, but not necessarily every situation, this one is all but a given truth. When you hire a professional do install your new air conditioner or repair your compressor system, you are going to save time. 


Not only will a certified HVAC technician allow you to do whatever else it is that your life demands of you, but chances are also pretty darn good that if you were working on the same project side by side, he or she would finish first, do it better, and not have to skip dinner to make sure it was done before bedtime.

Reason #5: You Won’t Void Your Warranties

Something that can slip the mind of the DIY guru is the value of a warranty. In virtually every situation we have seen, making your own repairs to equipment like a furnace or AC unit completely nullifies any factory or extended warranty on the hardware. In essence, this means that even if you have the time, skills, and determination to fix your heat pump yourself, should anything out of the ordinary ever happen to it, you’re going to have to deal with the total cost of a replacement instead of going through a simple warranty call.


When you let a professional HVAC company handle your job, you protect your investment for the future and avoid risk down the road.

Reason #6: Pros Are Up-To-Date on the Latest Technology

When you work with a company like Howard Services Air Conditioning, you get the knowledge and experience that comes with being in the industry’s biggest hot-spot since 1969. However, it also means that you get a team that has an in-depth knowledge of the most recent tools, hardware, systems, and repair and installation practices for all of your home or business’ HVAC needs.


From high-efficiency units to improve your cooling and save you money to the peace of mind that comes with knowing your hired HVAC professionals are using the best industry-accepted tools and techniques, it’s hard to beat the value of working with a pro.

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