Anyone who owns a commercial building knows that it is the utilities (lighting, heating, cooling, and so on) that represent the biggest expenditures on an annual basis. Even buildings that are equipped with automated controls to maintain the lowest energy consumption are costly to operate. It is why it is important that all of the equipment and systems in the buildings are kept in top shape. This means that HVAC maintenance services should be at the top of your list of things to do to ensure the building has the highest profit margins and efficiency.

  • Of course, that is easier said than done, and it is why the savviest property owners do not try to do this sort of work themselves. Rather, they turn to skilled experts who can design a customized maintenance schedule and ensure that all of those key tasks are done accordingly. The best HVAC maintenance services will be done according to a sort of checklist or “to do” list for each season, and a winter list would include the following:
  • If preventative maintenance was not done in the autumn season, it is best to get it done ASAP. This is something that needs professional attention and includes servicing the outdoor components such as the compressor, fan motor and blades, the coil and the cabinet, condensate lines and drain pain, switches, wiring, safety systems, refrigerant levels, and more. It must also look at the indoor components such as the belts, evaporator, blower assembly, flue system, drip pan and condensate lines, control box, wiring, air filters, ducts and more.
  • The winter season should begin with the air filters being checked, and then your provider of HVAC maintenance services should inspect them every four weeks and clean or replace as needed.
  • Entering into the winter season means that AC units may not be needed as much and so the thermostats should be reprogrammed to reflect the changing demands on the system. Experts can help you choose the temperatures best for energy efficiency.
  • Monthly system checks are important, too and should look at thermostats, drain lines, drip pains, and the overall status of the system.

If you find a reputable provider of HVAC maintenance services, you are guaranteed that your building’s systems run efficiently. This saves you money while keeping conditions comfortable for all who work within the different spaces. At, you can find the kind of maintenance and service plans needed to keep your commercial HVAC systems in peak condition.