Clogged and dirty filters typically result in poor airflow. That hurts your unit’s efficiency levels and significantly reduces its ability to generate cool air. Likewise, your HVAC having to work harder will send your power bill sky-high. Unless you know how to get the right filter for your unit, and how to remove the old filter, then you probably want to skip the DIY solution and go right for the comfort level. Hire a commercial air conditioning repair service to handle it instead, and you’ll have more time to handle your clients and customers in cool comfort.


If you have a programmable thermostat, use it to your advantage. Set the thermostat to an ideal temperature 30-60 minutes to before you open. That’s going to help you save on your energy consumption bills. If you keep leaving your AC on full so you’ll step into comfortable temperature when you step through the door at the end of the day, that’s going to mean a lot of energy wasted. It also means your AC probably won’t last as long as it should. If you don’t know how ask a commercial air conditioning repair service for help.


If you have registers that come with a forced air heating and cooling system, then be sure to keep those registers free of any dust, says Consumer Reports. If there are other objects around that could be getting in the way and blocking the airflow through your registers, then clear those furniture pieces or objects out.


If you keep fiddling with the AC, wondering why the room doesn’t seem to warm up or cool down—which prompts you to set the temp to max —you might want to check your windows first. If your windows are older than 10 or even 20 years old, then it’s more than possible that you’ve got air leaks around your windows. If your windows are single-paned, they can actually turn into radiators after soaking up the sun’s heat all day. Have them replaced, and you won’t have to keep driving your AC to the ground.
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