You have probably heard that you need to properly maintain your HVAC system, but you may not understand why this is so important. Living in a hot and humid place, like Jacksonville, Florida, having a properly functioning HVAC system is not simply a matter of comfort; it can also help preserve and protect property from mold and heat damage. The best way to keep your HVAC system running well is to have it serviced and maintained at regular intervals, to detect any developing problems, replace any worn or damaged parts, and optimize efficiency.

The first real benefit of regular HVAC maintenance is cost savings. Improperly maintained HVAC systems are frequently dirty, have worn out parts, or are otherwise not operating under optimal conditions. This means the system has to consume more power to provide the results that you want, which means higher electric bills. In addition, maintenance can spot problems before they can become big problems, saving costs on repairs.

Another major benefit of a properly maintained HVAC system is air quality. A properly functioning HVAC system improves your indoor air quality in a number of ways, especially if you use regularly replaced or cleaned specialized filters that control for allergens or other air pollutants. However, your properly maintained HVAC can also improve outdoor air quality; the more efficient your machine, the less power consumed, and the less pollution that results from its use.

Of course, the biggest benefit of a properly maintained system is probably that proper maintenance greatly reduces the changes that you will experience an emergency breakdown. By inspecting your system, an HVAC technician can identify and replace any worn parts, correct any misalignments, ensure the system is clean, lubricate moving parts, and take any other steps necessary to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. While this does not guarantee a breakdown-free system, it does greatly reduce the chances of an emergency breakdown.

At Howard Services, our experienced and friendly HVAC technicians are happy to perform the routine maintenance that helps you keep your cool, all summer long.