Smart homes are gaining in popularity as the technology becomes more user-friendly and the necessary devices become more affordable. Many people find a smart thermostat the perfect foray into creating a connected home system. Emerson’s Sensi Wifi Thermostat comes in two models with a third multiple thermostat management system available in the near future.

These smart systems allow you to monitor and control the temperature of your home even while you are away. With Florida’s often unpredictable weather, a Sensi Wifi Thermostat offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will come home to the perfect temperature.


Smart thermostats are programmable and allow homeowners to adjust the temperature in their home on their terms, allowing them to keep the ambient temperature right where they want it while also operating in a cost-effective manner. With a Sensi Wifi Thermostat, you can control your home’s heating and cooling system through an app on your phone. This makes it easy to adjust the temperature to match the weather and keep your home cool in the most cost-effective manner. The system also sends immediate alerts notifying you of any potential problems with your HVAC system.


The Sensi Wifi Thermostat is user-friendly and offers an intuitive operating system. The flexible scheduling feature allows you to adapt to the many needs of today’s busy families. With this technology, you can set the week’s schedule for cooling to start at different times on different days, and you can even turn on the AC from your home in the event of one of life’s many last minute schedule changes. This utterly adaptable system offers a cost-effective way to manage your home’s temperature without sacrificing comfort. The system is controlled via your smartphone, and there is even a video available to familiarize you with the system and its many features.

Smart homes are the way of the future, and a wifi connected thermostat is a good way to experience the technology first hand. If you are wondering if smart home devices are a good fit for your family, this is an easy way to start. Smart thermostats allow you to create a comfortable home environment while saving money, all without losing flexibility.

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