Keeping the inside of a home at the right temperature is no easy job. Without a functional HVAC unit, you will struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature during the hotter or colder months of the year. Just like any other part of your home, eventually, your HVAC unit will require repairs in order to stay functional. When the need for AC repair in Jacksonville, FL arises, you will need to find the right professionals to help out. Are you curious about what you will have to pay for your HVAC repairs? Read below to find out some helpful information regarding the cost of these types of repairs.


Before an AC repair professional begins work on your home’s unit, they will do some troubleshooting. The reason for this troubleshooting is to establish what is wrong with the unit. If there is a refrigerant leak present, you can look to pay around $225 to $1600 for these repairs. When compressors go out in HVAC units, you will have to pay anywhere between $1300 to $1800 for repairs. The best way to find out which AC repair company in Jacksonville, FL can offer you the right price on repairs is by getting a few different onsite estimates.


The biggest mistake you can make when dealing with AC repair issues is trying to handle the work on your own. Some homeowners think they can save money by doing HVAC repairs alone, but this will typically lead to even more damage. Instead of making matters worse, you need to find an experienced professional to help you out.

The professionals at Howard Services, Inc. will have no problem finding and fixing the repair issues with your HVAC unit. Contact us to find out more about the experience we have in the HVAC repair industry.