Did you know that one of the biggest reasons that an air conditioning system is costly to run and inefficient is because it was not properly sized by the HVAC contractors who bid for the work? Basing sizing on something like square footage alone is not an effective way to go about the task, and particularly in a commercial space such as an office.

If you are in the midst of renovating, building, or updating and remodeling an office space, it is of the utmost importance that you work with HVAC contractors in Jacksonville who will come out and do the kind of precise measuring and assessments to size the system properly.

It is helpful for you to first know just what is involved. The sizing of an air conditioner for a commercial space, such as an office, begins with the idea of “tons.” And sizes go up in half ton increments as the size of the building increases. It also features BTUs or British thermal units, and the figures shown are an expression of the amount of heat that air conditioner is going to be able to remove from the building every hour.

To know the appropriate size for your air conditioner, HVAC contractors need to determine the building’s total cooling load in BTUs (the amount of heat the unit has to remove to keep each space comfortable). And as you can guess, it is more than ceiling heights and square footage that affect this issue. It could be the overall design, the amount of sunlight that strikes and enters the building, the insulation levels of the windows, the amount of weatherization the building has, and much more.

Good contractors don’t just make a ballpark estimate. Instead, they use technical formulas and precise measurements to steer you towards a unit that is not too small (ending up costing you money because you’ll have to run it constantly and because this will put too much wear and tear on it) or too large (which is just a costly mistake). They also help you understand what the BTUs you need translate to in terms of the tons of the system.

Do you need professionals to do this? In a word: yes. For your HVAC system to be energy efficient, perform well and keep tenants happy, you need the precision that only experts offer. The HVAC contractors at Howard Services, Inc. in Jacksonville are seasoned professionals and know just how to size your commercial system.