Unless you are an expert in modern HVAC units and air conditioning, you might feel a bit stymied by the challenge of right-sizing the air conditioner for your home. After all, an air conditioner can be a window model or a central air unit, and both are found in a dizzying range of sizes. This can make the thought of an air conditioning installation a bit of an unwelcome headache.

Fortunately, it is not as difficult as it might seem, and we have a few helpful tips to get you off to the best start possible.

  • Measure – Start by measuring the space you intend to cool with the new air conditioning installation. Is it a room? The whole house? A single floor? All measuring is the same. Just measure the length and width of the space, and multiply them. This gives you the square footage, and it is a “practical” number to start.
  • Multiple – Now take your square footage and multiply it by 25 BTU. This is a good baseline level of cooling for most conditions and should give you a fairly accurate idea of the BTUs you want from the new air conditioning installation in Jacksonville, FL.
  • Aim for the middle – It can be tempting to undercut the BTUs in an attempt to save money, but this just means you will soon see the difference in expense going out the door in the form of higher energy bills. The small unit tasked with running all of the time is going to actually cost you more than the unit chosen according to your measuring and multiplying.
  • Also, don’t go too high in BTUs, either, as one expert explained “the air conditioner is also extracting moisture from the air (humidity)…Although the air may be cooler, if the unit doesn’t run long enough, the moisture cannot be extracted from the air properly. It would be like being outside camping on a cool, clammy, foggy night.” Additionally, overly large units cycle on and off frequently; wasting energy.
  • Think wall mounted – If you are doing a single room, the experts also advise forgoing window mounts and using wall installations as they are usually more efficient.

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