There is an increasing understanding of the presence of molds, bacteria and other types of contaminants in a home and commercial buildings, particularly in HVAC systems where there are ideal conditions for growth.

Cleaning out systems is very difficult using traditional types of air duct cleaning, particularly when it comes to bacteria and mold spores and colonies. These duct cleaning services are great at removing dust and surface materials, but the very small contaminants are not so easy to simply remove. This can result in continued allergic reactions, respiratory problems for asthma sufferers and even bad odors in the system even after professional duct cleaning services.

The answer to this problem can be found in the form of HVAC UV lights. UV light is used in a wide range of industries and facilities as a sterilant, with the UV light itself destroying the bacteria and mold. This is a passive sterilizing method, and all that is required is for the mold or the bacteria to be exposed to the UV light.


There are two types of HVAC UV lights that can be used in residential or commercial heating and cooling systems. Both are effective and offer a low-cost option to eliminating the cause of many respiratory problems.

The two types of systems include coil sterilization and air sterilization. The coil HVAC UV lights are a stick type of light that is positioned in the system near the air handler coil. This light will remain on continually, and replacement of the light is a very simple process when needed.

The air sterilization unit is installed in the return air duct and operates when the blower turns on. This exposes bacteria and mold in the returning air to sterilization before being recirculated. While a bit more expensive than the coil sterilization models, it is highly effective and has an extended life of the UV bulb.

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