Humidity can affect the way you feel in indoor and outdoor settings as much as the temperature. Your HVAC system is also impacted by the amount of humidity in the air. Too much or too little moisture can change the way your system works, affect your furniture, and may even give rise to physical symptoms such as dry skin and coughing. If you have a feeling that the humidity levels in your home are not at normal levels, look for HVAC air conditioning services. Jacksonville homes may be vulnerable to varying moisture levels depending on the time of year, so it is important to prepare before the season’s change.


An air conditioner is meant to remove heat and humidity from the air. However, if an air conditioner is older or not working efficiently, it may not be able to perform this task and can be affected by humidity. Extra moisture in the air may cause the air conditioner to work harder, and this could wear down the device and can lead to higher electricity bills. This is one reason why troubleshooting of systems is required on a regular basis and to contact HVAC air conditioning services in Jacksonville at the first sign of problems. Signs of excess humidity include wet spots in some parts of the room and foggy windows.


If humidity is a problem in the summer, you may need a dehumidifier installed on your air conditioner. A dehumidifier helps your air conditioner to remove extra moisture from the air and can keep your home cool, dry and comfortable. Contact professionals that provide HVAC air conditioning services in Jacksonville. Dehumidifiers can be an effective, affordable way to deal with humidity in the summer.


In the winter, a lack of humidity can be a problem and can make your home feel colder. Dryness can keep your heater from working well and can lead to a host of symptoms, such as coughs, throat discomfort and dry skin. If a lack of moisture is an issue in the winter months, consider installing a humidifier on your heater to remedy dry air and to make your home feel more comfortable. Some people feel they are coming down with winter colds when the cause of sniffles and coughing may actually be air that is too dry.


No matter what the season, keeping the right moisture level in your home will prevent your interiors from feeling too hot or too cold. If you suspect there may be too much humidity in the summer, look for HVAC air conditioning services in Jacksonville to troubleshoot or install a dehumidifier. In winter, help your heater by adding moisture to the air if needed. Contact professionals at Howard Services to take a look at your HVAC system and provide the right fix so you can feel good at home all year round.