In Florida, as well as across the southern United States, finding a way to keep your home cool without spending a fortune in energy costs can be a challenge. One option to consider that adds energy efficiency while also boosting cooling potential is a variable speed air handler.

This is an upgrade to an existing fan motor. The fan motor on your current HVAC system is located inside your home in a part of the system known as the air handler. The air handler in the existing system is most often a blower coil or a furnace blower that operates at one speed.

When the air conditioning unit comes on, the blower coil also turns on. The blower coil then pushes the cool air throughout the ducts, which creates the cool breeze you can feel at the vents. The problem with this is that the blower always operates at the same speed, which is inefficient if there is only limited cooling required and may not move enough air when you need maximum cooling.


With the variable speed air handler, you can control the speed of the fan. This allows selection of a lower or higher setting. By choosing greater air flow through the system, cooling can occur faster, shortening the time the air condition is running.


Most new homes and many older homes with HVAC system upgrades are now using zone cooling and heating technology. With the use of the variable speed air handler, zone control is more effective and efficient with both cooling and energy use considerations.

The variable speed fan can also be used in conjunction with humidity control systems to manage the temperature and humidity at the same time. In addition, the continual movement of air through the system filters with the fan will also provide an improvement to the indoor air quality.

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