If your AC is starting to show signs of wear and it’s not going to last much longer, buying a replacement before it completely breaks down on you is a wise move. However, buying one could knock your budget for a loop. No worries. Here are some ways to finance that new AC:


A lot of companies rely on third-party air conditioning financing to provide customers with payment assistance. If you need help covering the cost of that brand-new air conditioner in your home or office, pick a company that provides this service. That way, you can easily avail of the offer with little to no fuss and stress.


Look for the FHA Title I loan by the Federal Housing Authority, says The Nest. Buying a new HVAC can be seen as a home improvement decision. You could get FHA financing to cover at last as much as $7,500 of the cost – which is a substantial amount. In addition, there’s going to be very little red tape involved so that’s a definite plus you could count on.


Another tried and tested way to come up with the money that will go towards paying for a new AC unit is to borrow it from close friends and family. This particular option is suitable for those who have low credit scores and would have a much harder time getting their loan applications approved at the bank or at the FHA. If they have the money to spare and they don’t mind, this might be a feasible option to consider.


At Howard Services Inc., we offer financing assistance to our customers for the installation of a new AC, a new heat pump and certain types of AC repairs. If you’re in the area, all you need to do is download and fill up our form. Tell us what you need. Once the paperwork is approved, we can start working with you right away. Whether your system is in dire need of repairs or if you want us to install a new unit, you could come to us for air conditioning financing assistance.

Our commitment to providing our clients with the best service possible includes providing you with financing aid. We’ll make sure the heat and air conditioning service you need are going to be up and running in no time.

Don’t hesitate to call us. We can help.