If you have had your AC unit for many years, and it hasn’t needed to have any major repairs or maintenance since before 2015, and it uses R22 refrigerant, you are in for a surprise. Since January 1, 2015, it has been illegal to repair or maintain an air conditioning system that uses the R22 refrigerant.

In the beginning, it was necessary to replace the entire unit. However, manufacturers have created some other types of solutions that could work well for your needs, and that will not necessarily require all new air conditioning installation. You are going to need to think about some other ways that you can get the AC unit in your home ready to keep things nice and cool.

Let’s look at your main options.


It is certainly possible to replace everything in the system that you currently have, which would include the electrical wiring, the indoor and the outdoor units, and the pipes. While this does seem to be a costlier option at the outset, it does have some benefits.

Those who have all new equipment from added during their air conditioning installation will find that even though the cost is higher, it will provide you with all up to date equipment and it will be a fantastic long-term solution. In fact, it might be the only option if you have some components that are unusable.


In other cases, you might be able to reuse the AC infrastructure that you already have available, and you will only need to replace the outdoor and indoor units. All of the major manufacturers today offer partial replacement solutions for those who have an R22 system. This can reduce the installation times and the costs, naturally. It also makes sure that you are complying with the law.


A third option is to utilize drop-in refrigerant, which works similarly to the R22. However, it does not cause environmental problems, and it is entirely legal to use. While this might be a “quick and easy” option, it is not what’s best for your system. It could reduce the performance and reliability of your AC system, and should only be used as a last resort.

When you need to have professional air conditioning installation in Jacksonville, FL, be sure you take the time to find and work with only the very best and most skilled companies in the field. Learn more about your options and what is right for your home.