With increasing concern about the quality of outdoor air that is used by HVAC systems and has an impact on indoor air quality, various products have been designed to help to eliminate harmful materials from the air.

Of course, basic cleaning elements such as filters have long been used, but these are only effective in removing larger particulate matter and will not trap or stop small molecular contaminants including microorganisms, dust, pollen and other sources of airborne allergens.


To remove these types of allergens from the air, an ionization unit can be placed within the HVAC system. These systems are very small and are designed to treat a specific square footage. They are also extremely energy efficient with smaller units operating on less than one watt of energy.

There are also standalone types of ionization unit models that can be located on a tabletop or desk or provide greater coverage in a small, portable unit that is discrete and very quiet. These portable and desk units are often used when a home or office doesn’t have a central air conditioner.


One popular option for an ionization unit is a cold plasma ionizer. This system will release both positive and negative ions. Healthy air quality requires a balance of both positive and negatively charged ions at a rate of between 900 to 1000 negative and 1000 to 1200 positive ions per cubic centimeter of air.

Air in a city will typically have less than 80% of the required ion levels found in fresh, unpolluted air. In a home or commercial property, it is very common to have even lower levels of ions as the same air is recirculated over and over again.

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