As we approach the summer months here in Florida, it’s essential to have a functioning air conditioner. As much as the tourists and even some of us love our balmy climate here in North Florida, the heat and climate can quickly become unbearable during the hot summer months.

Even though your system seems to be running just fine, you’re probably noticing that it still isn’t doing it’s job to cool your home. When this happens, there can be several reasons as to why this may be. We’ve listed the possible culprits here and a couple of quick fixes.


Inside your system, ductwork is responsible for delivering the heated or cooled air throughout your home. When your ductwork is cracked, bent, or simply poorly designed, the cooled air that your system produces cannot keep you comfortable. A thorough inspection and sealing of your ductwork may be necessary to fix the problem. Fixing ductwork with leaks can really help get your home cool again!


If you notice your AC is running, but not always cooling, you may want to check your thermostat settings. When set to the “auto” setting, the blower turns off and on according to the temperature of the room. In the “on” position, the blower will run continuously regardless of room temperature. If you have an old thermostat you may want to upgrade to a more modern thermostat, many of them come equiped with free apps to control your homes a/c system from your smartphone.


As your air conditioning system begins to age, your unit will begin to leak small amounts of refrigerant every season if it is not charged on a regular basis. The unit can sometimes leak too much refrigerant to be effective at keeping you cool. In other cases, it can come into contact with moisture and freeze over, which can cause blockages and prevent your unit from cooling properly. When a system starts leaking it can become costly, especially the old R-22 systems, because of the phase out of R-22. Having your AC serviced annually will help you to avoid this problem.
When your AC isn’t keeping you comfortable, it’s best to contact a professional who can diagnose and repair the problem properly. At Howard Services heating & air conditioning, our technicians are trained to fix your problem fast and save you money!